eCommerce Fraud Losses Across Major Industries

Online payment fraud doesn’t stop to be a threat. Merchants in the US are overwhelmingly attacked by fraudsters. The eCommerce industry’s loss accounts for billions of dollars due to chargebacks. Is chargeback insurance something you’re interested in? Just go on reading this article and you’ll learn what you need. Fraud Losses: Need Chargeback Insurance? eCommerce

Make Your E-Commerce Mobile App Stand Out

Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable using mobile apps to shop. In fact, mobile comprises 59% of all e-commerce transactions worldwide, and that percentage is expected to grow further over the next few years. If you haven’t spent much time optimizing your business’ mobile app, consider the following list of essential features you should

Improve Your E-commerce Presence and Better Your Consumers Experience

As we speak, e-commerce holds the entire U.S retail sector in its palm. These days, your growth as a business owner depends on your level of online success. It is the reason retailers are focusing on developing more immediate and interactive e-commerce experiences to hold on to and expand their customer base. Again, the rapid