How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

Having a passion usually transcends into having a goal you one day wish to accomplish. However, whether you pursue that passion or not is up to you. If you in any way believe you can make a viable company out of your passion, you have to go for it. Life is too short for missed

4 Tips on Getting More Shares From Your Marketing Videos

Are you a business owner trying to attract more customers? Utilizing the power of internet marketing is a great way to further the reach of your business. In order to catch the eye of the general public, you will need to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. One of the best

How To Avoid Call Hold Times From Hurting Your Business

It won’t be easy to provide a great experience to callers after they’ve been put on hold. Most customers will tolerate a little hold time but will lose patience quickly, which will result in either an angry caller or even worse – an abandoned call. This will lead to a poor customer experience, which is

Re-Purposing Pinterest for B2B Marketing

As more and more businesses marketers shift their attention toward social media, we’re all trying to catch the next trend, even before it’s trending.  In the digital realm where content is king, B2B sales reps mustn’t overlook the value of Pinterest, a social network driven entirely by sharing and curating content. Despite optimal conditions for