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Easily accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency payment merchant accounts

The rapidly evolving field of cryptocurrency payments offers several advantages for merchants, including quick transactions, worldwide accessibility, and reduced risk of fraud.

Reasons to select eMerchantBroker for help with cryptocurrency



Cryptocurrency payments are more secure than traditional payment options due to their decentralized and encrypted nature, reducing the risks of fraud and hacking.

Fair Review

Fair review

Our review process helps to make sure that merchants do not have any outstanding debts, negative financial accounts, or other issues.

Global Solution

Business growth

Selecting the appropriate type of cryptocurrency payments is vital for your business’s growth, as it increases a company’s efficiency and establishes trust among networks.

Complete Security

Automated payments

By automating payments, merchants can access various tools addressing consumer behaviors and sales, while also guaranteeing fast and seamless payment processing.

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Benefits offered by utilizing cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrency is much more than a trend. Many people view cryptocurrency as the “currency of the future” and the payment method has expanded quickly in the last few years.

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Reduced risk of fraud

Unlike bank transfers, cryptocurrency transactions occur either in real-time or in a short few minutes.

Worldwide transactions

Because cryptocurrency is an international payment option, merchants can accept it anywhere in the world.

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What documents are required?

If you are a merchant prepared to begin receiving cryptocurrency payments, you must provide several important documents. Copies of the following information are then submitted to our processors in addition to our quick and easy online application:

  • Bank letter or confirmation of deposit bank info
  • Copy of passport or ID
  • One month of business bank statements (if available)
  • Corporate documents
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Start exploring the benefits of cryptocurrency payments today!

A wide range of industries can benefit from cryptocurrency payments

How EMB has helped others

review rating

“Since EMB helped us make our sales transactions easier and quicker with cryptocurrency, we’ve noticed several of our competitors begin to offer cryptocurrency options too. This makes us look innovative and cutting edge to our patrons.”

A firearm dealer

review rating

“After implementing cryptocurrency payment options, we’ve noticed that potential purchasers abandon shopping carts much less often. As a result, we’re seeing increased conversions and more transactions.”

An artwork seller