ACH Processing – A Good Alternative to Credit Card Processing

Merchants looking for a more cost-effective way to process payments without fewer hassles should consider ACH processing. ACH payments are becoming more attractive to businesses due to affordability and convenience. Learn more about how ACH processing can benefit your business. The ACH Explained Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the network that connects every financial institution

AmEx and Visa Announce Their Decision to Drop Signatures Requirements

At the close of 2017, American Express Co. announced that it would become the third of four major U.S. card brands to cease requiring signatures for transactions beginning April 2018.  Visa was the last card brand holding onto this rule. Then, on Jan. 12, Visa announced it would also be laying the signature requirement aside.

E-Commerce Update: Consumer Adoption of Mobile Payments Stalls

When it comes to mobile payments, the situation has been described as ‘a very complicated, hot mess’. Why? While the U.S. is exceptional at developing new electronic payments systems, it does not do a great job with commercializing those systems. In the words of Retail Dive, “the market is still in its early days, and

What is Payment Gateway, and Why It Matters to Your Online Business

If your business has anything to do with e-commerce, your have probably heard of payment gateways. But do you know what they are and how they work? And why are they necessary to profit from your online shop? If you have a lot of questions about what payment gateways are, the following information will help

How To Fight a Huge Chargeback

Online chargeback is a thing that business owners should be wary of when selling services or products online. Are you dealing with chargebacks? What are the reasons? How can you prevent chargebacks? This article will give answers to your questions. What Is a Chargeback? The groundwork for credit card chargebacks is associated with The Truth

4 Things Businesses Can do to Reduce Expenses

Businesses are consistently being grinded under expenses that rise every year. Many businesses tend to counterattack this but end up compromising on their quality, production and customers, too, because they have no knowledge on how to reduce expenses. Reducing expenses has become a necessity for both smaller and bigger businesses because cost of various things

8 Reasons to Use a Mobile App for Your Beauty Salon

Approximately $3,756 is spent by women annually for enhancing their appearance with products and a day at the salon. Even so, one of the biggest challenges for businesses in this industry is customer retention. The solution? Many are turning to apps to produce happy, loyal customers. Were you aware that apps contribute more than $40