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High-risk merchant accounts

The Ultimate High Risk Merchant Account Solution

EMB offers all-inclusive payment processing solutions for
every kind of business with a 99% approval rating.

We value high-risk merchants

We offer tangible business solutions for every industry. At EMB, we make business ventures hassle-free for everyone.

Industries we love working with:

  • Online gaming
  • Credit repair
  • Adult entertainment
  • Airlines & travel
  • Tech support
  • Nutraceutical
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Our quick and easy application process gets merchants up and running in less than 48 hours!

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For a decade, our A+ BBB rating continues to prove our success in supporting high-risk merchants.

High approval

High approval

Regardless of the merchant type, we pride ourselves in maintaining a 99% approval rate.

Low Cost

Low cost

The application process is completely transparent with no hidden start up costs or hidden fees!

Merchant success stories

We help real people find real solutions

“Terry knew that not working with a single processor was causing inefficiencies, and she was unnecessarily risking her business. Moving to a single processor turned a complicated payment structure into a seamless, cost-effective operation.”

Terry McAvoy

Apparel business owner

“Sanj Kumar’s eCommerce business experienced an influx of fraudulent chargebacks from international customers due to the nature of its luxury business. Experiencing regular instances of fraud was having an impact on profit margins and the future of its merchant account. Based on EMB’s knowledge of the industry and broader fraud trends, we were able to offer Sanj timely and effective policy changes to his fraud protection program.”

Sanj Kumar

Luxury ecommerce business owner

We’re here for you

Tired of being declined? Our staff works hard to take the guesswork out of obtaining and maintaining high risk merchant accounts.

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Chargeback dispute resolution
  • Customized pricing options
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EMB makes business
less risky

$0 application fee, $0 start up fee.

High risk merchant accounts are a type of payment processing account designed for businesses that are considered high risk by banks and payment processors. EMB is a leading provider of high risk merchant accounts, offering all-inclusive payment processing solutions for every kind of business, with a 99% approval rating. We value high-risk merchants and offer tangible business solutions to industries such as online gaming, credit repair, adult entertainment, airlines & travel, tech support, and nutraceuticals.

A high-risk merchant account can help businesses that are considered high risk to accept payments smoothly and securely. EMB is the #1 solution for high risk merchants, providing a quick and easy application process that gets your business up and running in less than 48 hours. We take pride in our A+ BBB rating and 99% approval rate for high risk merchant account providers, making it easy for businesses to maintain a reliable payment processing solution.

EMB is one of the best high risk merchant account providers due to our commitment to customer satisfaction, our competitive pricing, and our expertise in supporting high-risk businesses. We offer a transparent application process with no hidden start-up costs or fees, 24/7 customer support, chargeback dispute resolution, and customized pricing options. Our success stories demonstrate our ability to help real people find real solutions for their high-risk business ventures.

EMB stands out among the best high risk payment processors with our comprehensive suite of services, 99% approval rate, and quick account setup. Our commitment to supporting high-risk merchants means that we work with a wide range of industries and provide tailored solutions for each business. Additionally, our transparent pricing and application process, 24/7 customer support, and chargeback dispute resolution services make EMB an ideal choice for high-risk businesses seeking a reliable and effective payment processing solution.

High risk merchant accounts are payment processing solutions designed for businesses that are deemed high risk by banks and other financial institutions due to a variety of factors such as industry, chargeback rates, and credit history.

High risk processing is the payment processing services provided to high risk merchants. It includes features such as chargeback protection, fraud prevention, and customized pricing options.

A high-risk merchant account provider is a company that specializes in providing payment processing solutions to high risk businesses. They offer specialized services such as chargeback prevention and dispute resolution, as well as lower fees and more lenient approval requirements than traditional banks.

The best high risk payment processors are those that offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the needs of high risk businesses such as chargeback prevention, fraud protection, and customizable pricing options. Examples of such providers include EMB and PayPal.

To get a high risk merchant account, you will need to apply with a high-risk merchant account provider. The application process typically involves providing detailed information about your business, including your industry, sales volume, and chargeback rates. Once your application is approved, you will be able to start accepting payments from your customers.

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