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We are devoted to your experience and your expectation with us. Our dedication to you has resulted in an A+ Rating with the BBB and a #1 rating with

Our financial technology platform helps
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Approval Rating

95% Approval rating

Our goal is to help every merchant get payment processing services no matter their type of business, or personal credit rating. We have helped thousands of merchants get accounts when no one else would.



The largest network of its kind, our extensive partnerships and expertise ensure that we can find a program that suits your business’ needs quickly and efficiently, getting you up and running in no time.

Multiple Gateways

Multiple gateways

We integrate through multiple gateways and offer intelligent transaction routing, ensuring your new merchant account works with your shopping cart. Our skilled support team can guide you through the whole process.

The experts in high risk

Our business is built to meet the specific requirements of the high risk industry

We’ve worked with thousands of companies and have experienced all the obstacles associated with operating high-risk businesses. We’ve used that experience to create a unique credit card processing platform that is built specifically with the high risk merchant in mind.

Customer reviews

Don’t just take our word for it

“Payment processing is the backbone of my business, and EMB was able to get me approved for a merchant account when so many others couldn’t. They’re always there to resolve any issues I’m having. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Jen Wilson

“EMB went above and beyond to help me get a merchant account. I researched a lot of high-risk merchant companies before going with EMB, but none of them offered me a helping hand like EMB.”

Devon Lane

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“It was a pleasure to work with you! Without you it would be impossible to figure this out 💪🏽🙏🏽 Thank you again!”


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We accept everywhere from high-risk to low-risk merchants. EMB focuses on providing services to high-risk merchants, though.

There is no one answer. Many merchants, however, discover that after completing EMB’s easy-to-fill out paperwork and attaching the necessary supplements, they receive approval in as little as 72 hours.

Because credit card transactions process quickly, many merchants discover that accepting this payment improves cash flow and cuts down on waiting time for payment methods like checks. Given the convenience of credit cards, many online shoppers also actively seek out merchants that accept credit cards. This means some merchants realize increased business as a result of offering this additional payment method.

During the reviewal process, EMB considers a variety of things including, but certainly not limited to, the applicant’s credit and credit history.

Chargebacks happen when a cardholder disputes an account charge. The credit card’s issuing bank then performs an investigation on behalf of the cardholder. If the transaction is determined to be fraudulent, the issuing bank refunds the initial amount to the cardholder. If the merchant cannot establish the transaction was legitimate, the credit card’s issuing bank will recover the full amount of the fraudulent transaction as well as a fee.

Merchants are not helpless when it comes to chargebacks. First, merchants should make sure that their business name is identical to the name on the website where sales are made. Second, merchants should include their phone number on the billing descriptor, which promotes the consumer calling the company directly rather than the credit card’s issuing bank. Third, merchants should strive to provide excellent service, which includes offering refunds. This way, consumers are less tempted to file disputes.

A U.S. business checking account is necessary to open a high-risk merchant account. Credit card payments are placed by ACH into this account. These funds then become available in regular merchant accounts within two business days. Sometimes, however, high-risk merchants must wait longer. Additional supplements are needed too including a business license, a current bank account statement, and previous merchant statements.

Many credit card carriers (like MasterCard and Visa) charge a fee for each payment transaction processed by participating merchants. Interchange fees are distributed to the financial institute responsible for issuing the credit card. The credit issuer credits the merchant’s account to an amount equal to the transaction amount minus the interchange fees.

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