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How can funding help you?

Flexibility is a keystone for any good business. Having the ability to react to changes, needs, and opportunities is vital to raising your bottom line and maximizing your potential. Tweaking the revenue cycle can only do so much on short notice. Access to liquid assets can be a game changer for any business. If you or your business is in need of fast working capital and needs a cash advance look no further than EMB and its extensive network of lenders and diverse programs. We can offer you programs regardless of bad credit, or your type of business, our services include:

ACH Business Funding

No Merchant Account Required. Get funding based on the gross deposits in your checking account over a 4 month period.

Cash Advance Program

This is our most popular program, and we know why. Get working capital, in as little as 5-7 days?


How do I repay?

Every program has its own repayment process but the two most common forms of repayment for our programs are as follows:
    • Percentage Hold Back – We hold a specified percentage of your daily credit card transactions as repayment for your merchant cash advance.
    • Fixed Daily Payments – With this approach we will make daily ACH withdrawals from your business’ checking account at a fixed rate.

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Funding Simplified

  • Liquid Assets

    Get your hands on liquid assets when you need them to move your business forward

  • Fast Funding

    We provide quick deposits and ensure our merchants have their cash in hand immediately

  • Balanced Scales

    We can even fund merchants that have difficulty getting funding from other providers

  • Easy Requirements

    Just tell us who you are and a bit about your business, and you can sign up for funding in minutes

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  • A Proven Platform

    We've built a platform that works for you. We're continuing to add new features daily, and expanding to meet the needs and requests of our customers.

  • Support Superiority

    We have some of the best support in the business. We can be reached anytime of day, and will help you through any hurdles you might encounter. Need help? Call Us.

  • Quick and Painless

    Signing up is fast, easy, and secure. Our Application process can be completed in just a few minutes, and you'll hear back from us within 24-48 hours, sometimes sooner!

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No matter your device, platform, product or service, applying is a painlessly quick experience and can be finished in minutes. So what are you waiting for? Stop delaying and start selling today!