Chargebacks: The real threat to businesses

How merchants, especially those who accept online and mobile transactions, can protect their businesses from the perils of chargebacks

Returned products, too many purchases made by unauthorized credit card holders, or countless chargebacks due to recurring billing? Chargebacks drain money and destroy businesses. Find out what to do to put a stop to the chargeback cycle.

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We conducted researched and consulted with payment industry experts around the world to discover:

  • What are chargebacks and what makes businesses vulnerable to them
  • The many factors that are driving chargebacks
  • A thorough explanation of the chargeback dispute process
  • An inside look into the steps merchants are forced to take to dispute chargebacks, including changes Visa has made to its process
  • Ways to prevent real fraud and friendly fraud
  • Methods and best practices to prevent legitimate chargebacks
  • Proven strategies to fight transaction disputes

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