Ways to Use eContracts to Dramatically Lower Chargebacks

An electronic contract, or as a millennial would call it, eContract is a contract a merchant sends to a buyer electronically, more like AdobeSign. You don’t want to miss out on the many benefits of this service. Having a shopper sign an eContract before releasing a product or offering a service can help explain the

Card Testing Merchants, Chargebacks and False Positives

Card testing occurs in those cases when a fraudster uses a merchant’s website to “test” stolen credit card information to figure out whether the card is valid. Fraudsters can buy lists of credit card numbers online on the “Dark Web” without paying much money for them. The problem is that often they don’t know if

EC Investigation Leads to New Regulations on Geo-Blocking

According to a new report by the European Commission, two-thirds of European digital content providers are blocking cross-border online sales into certain other EU member states. It was also estimated that 40 percent of physical goods retailers engage in this practice as well. What is geo-blocking? Geo-blocking is the practice of either blocking access to

Unmatched Tools For High Risk Merchant Chargeback Protection

Merchants start dealing with chargebacks the moment a customer files a dispute with his/her bank with regard to credit/debit card transactions. Very often, merchants are left out of the dispute process because customers do not usually let merchants know about disputes. Unfortunately, this attitude is on the rise: in 58% of instances, merchants do not

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be crippling to any business. Right now, merchants are fighting an increase in fraud as the EMV liability shift sets in. Still there are some proactive measurements that merchants can take to avoid or fight unfair chargebacks. The following are the 5 top ways to protect your business from fraudulent chargebacks. Use Credit

How Merchant Chargeback Protection Can Protect You from Fraud

Every merchant needs to worry about their fraud risk. While many think that fraud happens to online businesses, the reality is that every merchant that accepts plastic card payments is at risk. Some believe that checking a photo ID can help, and it can, it does not protect you 100% from scammers. The ultimate protection