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5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Chargebacks

Chargebacks can be crippling to any business. Right now, merchants are fighting an increase in fraud as the EMV liability shift sets in. Still there are some proactive measurements that merchants can take to avoid or fight unfair chargebacks. The following are the 5 top ways to protect your business from fraudulent chargebacks.

  1. Use Credit Card Processor Protocol. Be sure to follow the credit card protocol designated by your processor. When performing card-present purchases, be sure to check the expiration dates and input the security codes on the credit card. Train your employees to recognize the warning signs of fraud and to look for suspicious activity at the POS.
  2. Use a Clear Payment Descriptor. The payment descriptor contains your company’s name and details that will appear on the customer’s credit card statement to avoid any confusion after purchases are made.
  3. Prevent Chargebacks with Customer Service. Try to prevent chargebacks with good customer service. If a customer is unhappy, management should address issues immediately. This approach usually works to effectively resolve customer concerns.
  4. Keep Accurate Records. This includes tracking credit card transaction dates and authorization information to fight chargebacks.
  5. Pick Your Battles. Every chargeback costs a fee and excessive chargebacks can hurt your business’ credibility with lenders. So only fight chargebacks you think you can win.

EMB Chargeback Shield

EMB’s Chargeback Shield, is powered by Verifi and CDRN, and is a program that practically eliminates the frequency of chargebacks by 15-30%. Chargeback Shield is a specialty chargeback suite that monitors, tracks, and alerts merchants when a customer files a dispute with their bank. eMerchantBroker offers merchant chargeback protection with Chargeback Shield

You deserve to be notified of any threat to your profits. The Chargeback Shield will defend your assets, while you worry about running a successful business. The presence of the Chargeback Shield takes the risk out of high risk business. The Chargeback Shield – just another essential service that makes eMerchantBroker that best place for your merchant account. Don’t wait for competent merchant chargeback protection. Call now to discover how Chargeback Shield can keep your company safe at: 1-800-621-4893.