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Unmatched Tools For High Risk Merchant Chargeback Protection

Merchants start dealing with chargebacks the moment a customer files a dispute with his/her bank with regard to credit/debit card transactions. Very often, merchants are left out of the dispute process because customers do not usually let merchants know about disputes. Unfortunately, this attitude is on the rise: in 58% of instances, merchants do not get notification at all. This makes merchants defenseless against chargebacks.

More on Chargebacks

As it was already mentioned above, chargebacks begin the moment a customer files a dispute with his/her bank concerning his credit or debit card transaction. The problem arises as soon as the merchant is not let notified to participate in the dispute process, or is informed about the situation when it is already too late. If merchants are not informed about chargeback disputes, they become helpless and unable to defend themselves against the initial chargeback.

Turning to a reputable payment processor like can be a perfect answer to all your questions regarding chargeback disputes and fraud prevention. EMB is voted the number one high risk merchant account provider in the United State. EMB offers the best merchant chargeback protection and payment processing services and rates to merchants of any type and size.

How High Risk Merchants Can Mitigate Chargebacks

On the one hand, electronic payment processing allows for going global, on the other hand, it is associated with risks. Experienced and trustworthy payment processing companies help high risk merchants fight and prevent payment processing fraud without major difficulties.

One of the risks has to do with chargebacks. In partnership with Verifi and their new Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN), as well as Ethoca’s alert system, enables merchants to keep direct control over resolving their credit transaction disputes.

Getting notified of disputes and being able to take measures immediately, merchants can save their funds from being returned on invalid claims. The mentioned prevention system warns merchants early enough so they can become a pivotal part in the chargeback process.

This merchant chargeback prevention system helps:

  • Fight Back and prevent fraud
  • Get Notified of chargebacks and become proactive in the dispute process
  • Retain Profits by keeping the money earned
  • Partner Up instead of fighting alone