High Risk Payment Processing: Your Options

Is your business considered high risk? Have you already been turned down by many credit card processors? What’s the way out? How can you get approved for payment processing? Read this article and you’ll get answers to all your questions. When Your Business is Labeled as High Risk Many small businesses and startups have innovative


“Whilst usability is key for payments, security is a necessary condition for people to use them.” – Peng Ning According to the surveys carried out by the Federal Reserve, consumers consider security to be the top feature of payment methods. However, other payment characteristics like record keeping, cost, and convenience aren’t regarded as less important

Boost Your Profits with High Risk Payment Processing

American Express has experienced a small shakeup. The credit card company’s contract with warehouse retailer, Costco Wholesale Corp., is coming to an end. On Monday, Costco announced an agreement with Citigroup Inc. Costco also announced a companion agreement with Visa, which ensures that MasterCard Inc. cards will not be accepted at the retailer. This type