Visa EMV Deadline Remains the Same: CEO Addresses Rumors and Public Misinformation Regarding Card Security Breaches

Following the massive 2013 Holiday data-breach experienced by the Target Corporation, and additional breaches reported by the Neiman Marcus Group and Michaels Stores Incorporated, the public has rightfully expressed concern regarding Visa’s and MasterCard’s security. Both corporations have subsequently decided to shift card security liability for counterfeiting fraud due to point-of-sales transactions to the party,

Mercury Payment Systems, LLC Brought to Federal Court by Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE:HPY) filed a lawsuit against Mercury Payment Systems accusing them of deceptive pricing practices with the aim of securing new retail customers and the maintaining of existing merchants. The deceptive practices also include false advertising, intentional interference with contractual relations and prospective economic advantage, and unfair payments. The lawsuit, filed in the

OnlyCoin: The Future of Card Payments?

OnlyCoin (or “Coin” as it is otherwise known) is an exciting start-up hoping to change the way we use card payments. The San Francisco-based team have created one electronic plastic card which is shaped like a credit card. Coin allows you to load up to eight cards onto a single plastic device and this includes

There is a Possible EMV Delay Due to Uncertainties

  It is possible that there could be a delay transferring debit cards from PIN to EMV due to discussion and uncertainty in the United States government. The problem is that as of yet, no standard model has developed for processing EMV payments. This has aggravated both business owners anc consumers, especially after the Target

15 Credit Card Processing Terms To Get Familiar With

  Practically all businesses out there provide services for their consumers to make purchases with a credit or debit card. If you, as a merchant, already provide a credit card processing service or are in the process of setting this up, it is vital that you become familiar with the credit card processing terms below.

Mystery $9.84 Credit Card Charge May Signal Fraud

With all the stories of major retailers losing millions of credit card account numbers, you are probably scouring your monthly bills looking for fraudulent charges like a $1700 plane ticket or $1000 television you did not buy. That is a big mistake. Hackers are now using smaller transactions to garner money from hacked accounts. This

The Benefits of Providing an Integrated PCI-Compliant Payment Solution in Your Software

Many businesses in the USA are turning to software that includes integrated, PCI-compliant payment solutions. Why? Because it is simpler, easier and involves much less hassle. Read below to find out why software with an integrated payment solution is highly likely to benefit your business. It is common knowledge that merchants need payment processing solutions

Mobile & POS Retail Payment Processing

During the last few years, mobile credit card processing has quite simply become the lifeblood of many small businesses and service providers. It is clear that the rapid increase in all sorts of technology and the busy, hectic lifestyles of business owners has resulted equally in the success of mobile credit card processing. With the

Six U.S. Merchants under Attack

It has recently been exposed by a cybercrime firm that six additional attacks on U.S. merchants have been made using the same software that was used in the Target Corp data theft. The merchant’s credit card processing systems are how the information has been stolen. The theft was brought to the attention to law enforcement