Personalized Point Of Purchase Displays Mark The Future For Retail

May 19, 2016

SCOTTeVEST (SeV) Inc., a pioneering clothing company represented a major breakthrough in the industry by introducing brand new pockets over 15 years ago. The company has recently made a new announcement: it is going to make a revolution through its new Point of Purchase or PoP display.

Personalized, Point of Purchase Displays  

POP displays operate based on personalized videos and biometric scanners. They provide a guided shopping experience to help customers communicate with customer-service representatives via live video chat.

When live, the Point of Purchase can observe a customer approaching. It then activates a video specifically designed for each location or store to greet customers. After this, biometric scanners are being used to give a correct estimate of size and provide guidance through the SeV catalog. When trying on a garment, the tag is being scanned for a video rundown representing all of the features.

The customer can ask the PoP a question and receive assistance through a live video chat. As soon the customer selects a garment, a QR code (Quick Response) appears that can be scanned to make the purchase complete via phone or through the kiosk using an Apple Pay, Android Wallet, PayPal, and more.

Revolution in the Retail Industry

Scott E. Jordan, the co-founder and CEO of SCOTTeVEST, notes the latest Point of Purchase is a true innovation in the field that opens up doors for unprecedented customer experience. Also, it helps retailers avoid acquiring tons of inventory. Any store can have such PoP installed. It can also be used as a “pop-up shop” in airports or other areas with high traffic.

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The PoP provides a great opportunity for retailers to get commissions on all sales resulting in their stores. If customers don’t choose to buy a garment using the PoP, they can push “like” with the built-in Facebook beacon to allow SeV to track their future purchases and keep the commission for the retailer. So the PoP is an ideal solution from the point of view of both product experience and online fulfillment, as it enables not to lose a sale if an item isn’t locally in stock.

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