How Merchant Chargeback Protection Can Protect You from Fraud

Every merchant needs to worry about their fraud risk. While many think that fraud happens to online businesses, the reality is that every merchant that accepts plastic card payments is at risk. Some believe that checking a photo ID can help, and it can, it does not protect you 100% from scammers. The ultimate protection


“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.” – Sophocles Fraud can never be “friendly.” Credit card fraud is harmful to any business. To prevent profit losses, merchants shouldn’t neglect this threat. They should figure out unlawfully filed chargebacks, and minimize the risks and expenses associated with them. Consumer Confidence And Ecommerce Growth As compared

Preventing Credit Card Chargebacks on E-Commerce Sites

Chargebacks remain one of the biggest issues for online merchants. Unfortunately, as more and more consumers take to online shopping, cases of chargebacks have only increased and can be expected to increase even further going forward. Essentially, a chargeback happens when a consumer realizes a mistake on their credit cards and calls their card issuer.

Digital Payments Prone to Friendly Fraud, Research Shows

Apparently, switching to digital payment could bring even more trouble. If you’ve been thinking about shifting to digital payment platforms hoping that you would avoid fraud, you may be in for a rude shock. The most popular kind of fraud in the digital world is called “friendly fraud.” You would wonder why someone had to