How to Avoid Becoming a Transaction Laundering Victim

Transaction laundering is one of the recent and highly dangerous scams in the payments industry. Are you a merchant trying to protect yourself from transaction laundering? Are you interested in chargeback protection? This article will help you get answers to your questions. What Is Transaction Laundering? Transaction laundering is also called credit card laundering or

Chargeback Protection – Visa’s New Chargeback Dispute Process

With the number of credit card transaction disputes rising and processing costs and time increasing, Visa introduced the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative. Effective April 2018, all disputes will be processed through this new global dispute resolution process. By automating and simplifying the dispute-resolution process, Visa hopes to improve the efficiency of handling disputes. Get

Product Returns and Chargebacks After Christmas

Approximately 25% of a retailer’s annual returns are associated with the few weeks following the holidays. Product returns are even more pronounced in the eCommerce field. During the 2016 season, 1 out of every 3 purchases were returned. Chargeback Protection Chargebacks are of special concern during the holiday season since eCommerce dominates the holiday shopping

Online Fraud | How to Prevent Fraudulent Signups

Thanks to Internet services and websites, people pay bills, shop, make online reservations and even work easily. However, all these things are very often accompanied by fraud. Small and major data breach are so common in our digital world. The identities of millions of Americans appear in the hands of the wrong people from time

10 Tips Merchants Should Use to Avoid Credit Card Chargebacks

Chargebacks occur when a customer files a dispute with his/her bank regarding a credit/debit card transaction. The problem arises when the merchant doesn’t participate in the dispute process or is informed too late. In 58% of all instances, merchant are never notified of the pending dispute, which makes them helpless and unable to defend themselves

Fraudsters Adopt New Tricks, ID Fraud Soars to All Time High

As fraudsters find new ways to imitate their victims, ID fraud soars to record levels. It would seem these criminals are applying for fake policies to build on the profiles of their victims. Fraud prevention service, Cifas, revealed that identity theft reached an all-time high during the first six months of 2017. According to their

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Fight Chargebacks

Since banks have automated the chargeback dispute process, consumers will now find it very easy to file credit card charges. Currently, customers can file disputes by only a few clicks through the mobile banking apps in their Smartphones. And while consumers are happy about it, what does this mean for small business owners? A chargeback