Solutions for Continuity Negative Billing Merchants

May 08, 2017

As major credit card companies make known their stand against Negative Billing Options, merchants have even more reason to turn to other payment providers for alternative solutions. Recently, MasterCard and Visa said that they would stop doing business with any merchant who engages in Negative Options Billing. In fact, MasterCard went ahead to stress that it would close the accounts of merchants who practiced in Negative Option Billing.

To the relief of merchants, there are several providers just waiting on the sides. Some of these providers have actually been offering the services for as long as 100 years but had to lie in the shadows of the big companies for all that period. With the card processors running away, these providers will waste no time in picking up business. You can quickly open a negative option billing merchant account with them and start doing business immediately.

Negative option billing businesses are inherently characterized by high chargebacks. This is because customers are allowed to return products within a specified period after purchasing the product/service. Moreover, it’s easy for customers to forget about their automatic payment and decline any transactions when they no longer need the goods or services in question. Since banks and most conventional account providers are scared of chargebacks, they often tend to avoid negative option billing businesses altogether.

Common forms of negative option billing include entertainment services, book clubs, websites and software access, and most recently beauty product dealers. As you can see, most of these businesses are internet based and, therefore, need reliable cashless payment options. To continue billing their customers regularly with ease, they should be able to accept credit cards. Yet, now major credit card companies are denying them the opportunity to use their cards.

Fortunately, there are many other card processors willing to provide you with card payment accounts for your negative options billing business. Companies such as EMB (which is accessible at have specialized in high risk payment processing making them an ideal alternative for merchants looking to accept credit cards.

EMB will help you find the best bank to quickly approve your high risk business and get your negative option billing account approved fast.

So, although MasterCard and Visa among other major card processors are threatening to throw out businesses that deal in continuity billing, there is really nothing to worry about. As long as you’re a hardworking merchant who deals in genuine business, there is always an alternative for you.

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