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Trial Offer – Continuity – Negative Billing APPROVED

Finding a merchant account for trial offer products that allows you to later bill the full amount to the same account is harder than you might think. This is a feature which many standard account types don’t offer, so if you sell a product which includes a trial period and you want to avoid using high-fee credit card processing options like Paypal, you will need to find a merchant account provider that can deliver what you need. In particular, these types of account have been attracting attention from the FTC recently because what are often advertised as ‘free’ trial offers often turn out to be not so free, as dishonest merchants charge billings to the customer’s account that were not agreed to up front.

These problems are especially rampant on the Internet, and the FTC isn’t alone in trying to reduce the incidence of problems – even credit card companies themselves are trying to get rid of merchants who don’t play by the rules when it comes to trial offers, continuity payments and recurring billing products.

The sum of all these issues is that even honest merchants who want to use trial offers now find it extremely difficult to get the right kind of merchant account from a traditional provider. But by going through a brokering solution such as

eMerchantBroker, you can quickly and easily get access to plenty of solutions that are designed specifically to deal with your kind of business. eMerchantBroker specializes in matching up high risk businesses with merchant account providers who can meet their needs. This is even true of businesses who need a merchant account for trial offers or recurring billing and who also want to sell high volumes. Simply finding a merchant account for trial offers can be hard enough without factoring in the special requirements of high volume products. Going through eMerchantBroker takes a lot of the hassle out of the process.

What considerations should you make when deciding on the right merchant services provider for your business? Reliability is one key factor to look out for. You don’t want your credit card processing to fail you just after the launch of a new big product. Reliability and trust are also important due to the current concerns of the FTC and credit card companies – it pays to make sure not only your business, but also your merchant account provider, are playing within the rules to avoid any legal problems.

Reliability is also key because it allows you to maintain consistent cash flow, which we all know is incredibly important to running a business – especially a growing business or a brand new start-up.

If you’re a high volume merchant, you’ll want to find a specific merchant account designed for your needs so you don’t end up losing a large chunk of your margins on every transaction. The key to high volume against are very low transaction fees – you don’t have to worry so much about monthly fees or set-up fees.