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Payment Gateway Providers. Which One To Choose?

A payment gateway is crucial for your business as it enables you to process sales made via credit and debit cards. Not all payment gateway providers offer the same. You should take the time to find a reputable provider so to get the best for your business.

Where to Find the Right Payment Gateway?

Look for a payment processor that adheres to PCI-compliant data security. In other words, turn to a processor that follows the latest guidelines concerning the storage of your financial data, the way your financial information is processed, and who has access to card accounts.

Consider a credit card payment gateway that offers integration with the accounting software, checkout carts, customer relationship management platforms, and content management suites used by your business. Such payment integration will help you:

  • Save time as you won’t be obliged to manually update records
  • Save money as you won’t have to pay employees for daily routine tasks
  • Report faster and avoid mistakes as human error will be removed from the equation

A payment gateway with PCI-compliant security and seamless integration will enable you to sell products and services with greater confidence. A payment gateway offered by the #1 high risk processor in the US, (EMB), is the right option to choose.

Advanced Fraud Protection from EMB

Online fraud is of major concern in the US. With EMV chip cards becoming mainstream in the US, cyber fraud is expected to grow in the years to come.

EMV chip cards effectively fight in-store retail fraud. Major markets have witnessed decrease in card fraud after the adoption of EMV technology. In the UK, in-store fraud reduced by 70% after the adoption of EMV chip cards.

This made many criminals move to the online world where EMV security offers little protection from anonymous hackers who have access to addresses and card numbers. It is estimated that online fraudulent losses could make up $6.4 billion each year by the year 2018.

Thanks to a PCI-compliant gateway, you’ll be able to protect your business from fraudsters to some extent but you’ll still need more protection. To solve this problem, consider turning to EMB to get advanced fraud protection for your business.

EMB’s payment gateway not only helps high risk merchants in many industries, but also enables you to choose your processor. EMB offers payment gateways such as 1st Pay,, eProcessing Network, NMI, USA ePay, EMB’s own gateway, and other options as well.

Different industries need different things. Being able to choose your own payment gateway is a great advantage. EMB’s professional team will help you identify what you need to look for in a payment gateway so to guarantee only the best for your business.