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EMB Introduces New Payment Gateway System

Payment processing systems can always evolve, and with EMB, evolution isn’t just talk, but its reality. Our newest payment gateway systems are everything our high risk merchants have wanted – put some. While other neglect the high risk industry, we have enabled our high risk merchants to have the most advanced technology in the industry to ensure smooth payment acceptance.

One of the coolest features of the new payment gateway is the ability for merchants to accept multiple types of currency. This saves merchants time and effort of having to program their websites to translate currency values, and it also saves the risk of a fraudulent alert. Internet shopping is a global event, and merchants should have a worldwide customer base, if they choose. As with all things “high risk”, fraud control is a huge issue. This payment gateway has extensive fraud control tools to help keep you and your customers safe.

While safety is a big issue for high risk merchants, so is ease of usage. With EMB’s new payment gateway, you will have a modern web portal interface and reports, for easy access and usage. There is also API access to the gateway and report data. Sometime the easy way isn’t the smartest, but with EMB’s new payment gateway, that is about to change. This gateway is the most advanced, intelligent transaction routing system in the industry, and it’s here to help high risk merchants in their everyday business lives. Another plus: This new gateway can detect gift cards and prepaid cards. This is a major plus for retailers!

With EMB, your high risk merchant accounts are safe and secure. While we offer you superior technology and security, we also offer you our help. Our experts have over 25 years’ experience in the processing and high risk processing industries. In addition, thanks to the fast-moving nature of the high risk processing world, we generally do feature updates every two weeks. This helps ensure that you have the latest and greatest processing technology available to your business. While others overlook their high risk merchant’s needs, we at EMB go above and beyond to make sure that their businesses succeed.