Ethoca Alerts: Protecting Your Business from Fraud

How can I Protect my Business from Fraudulent Transactions? The problem that businesses encounter when fraudulent transactions are made is the communication gap between card issuers and merchants. Notifications of a fraudulent credit transaction takes on average 3-6 weeks causing businesses to frequently lose physical goods on fraudulent orders. Using a service like Ethoca will

Stop Chargebacks with the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network

Chargebacks Harm Your Bottom Line A chargeback is when a customer reverses the transfer of funds from their accounts to your business due to a dispute regarding the transaction. Whether the product or delivery was faulty, there was a processing problem, or even occasionally fraudulent purchases, chargebacks are a costly issue that can cost a

Guide on High Risk Merchant Accounts and Online Credit Card Processing

A merchant account is a bank account that holds funds from credit and debit sales for merchants. Merchants that sell products online require a merchant account provider to process their transactions. These fall into two categories. One is a merchant account provider that issues businesses their own personal account, and the other is an aggregator,

How to Acquire a Merchant Account for Your Credit Repair Business

If you’re constantly telling yourself “I need a merchant account for my credit repair business“, then you’re in the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the requirements to set one up, and the options available to you. Our primary aim at eMerchantBroker is to assist you in your