How Online Commerce Has Revolutionized Trade

Sep 08, 2016

It’s no secret, e-Commerce has gained significant prominence over the past few decades. Especially with the growth of the smartphone industry, online selling and buying has become the order of the day among several groups of shoppers.

And online-only merchants have played a major role in this development. Let’s look at how.

  1. Business in now more customer focused

Thanks to the online based merchants, more players saw the underlying profit that rested on this platform. As with any other area of trade, more players joined to share in the market. Then mounting competition made it harder to compete purely on the basis of price.

So online merchants originated new ways to make their customers happy, and that has remained the objective of the online game ever since. Companies continually focus on how better to not only please customers but also keep them happy through things like faster delivery or better support.

Businesses continue to develop tools that help them better understand the expectations of their customers. Through detailed analytics, businesses can see what visitors want, how they behave and their conversion patterns.

All these are very customer centric approaches, and they are what dominate ecommerce. There are even tools that are designed for the user so they can hold businesses more accountable.

  1. The buyer now has access to convenient shopping

The shopping experience is convenient in that the consumer can access variety of products from a diverse range of suppliers from the comfort of their homes. In addition, a consumer can get the best prices in the market by comparing prices charged by different suppliers.

  1. It’s much easier for anyone to become an entrepreneur

Unlike the days before the Internet when you had to deal with exorbitant costs and logistics when starting a new business, ecommerce has removed barriers to entry into the market. You don’t need to contend with the costs of equipment for your new office, utilities and rent – upfront costs that used to create serious barriers to entry.

Realize however that the online environment is exposed to risks that could compromise the security of your customers’ data. To stay safe from advances of hackers, be sure to open a high risk merchant account.

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