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Check Processing for Collection Agencies

Creating a successful debt collection business involves researching and implementing a variety of state and federal laws, setting up a tax structure, and building a sustainable customer base. In order to maintain a thriving business, debt collection merchants must provide electronic payments. Without this ability, the number of ways to collect debts are extremely limited and will almost guarantee failure. To acquire electronic payment services, thousands of large and small organizations have turned to online payment processors to integrate payment processing solutions like (the Automated Clearinghouse) and iCheck to make payment easier for your customers and increase profits.

eMerchantBroker is the #1 source for check processing for collection agencies. Their services have expanded beyond offering merchant accounts. EMB merchants can use iCheck for electronic check processing that facilitates faster funding for a larger selection of checks like: personal, business, government, money orders, travelers and cashiers certified.

iCheck is a type of electronic check processing that makes processing checks faster. It has way less restrictions than ACH. This flexibility makes Remote Deposit Capture (iCheck) perfect for any sales environment. iCheck allows all check types to be accepted at Point of Sale, without consumers being present. With iCheck:

  • Funding is guaranteed.
  • Free online activity monitoring.
  • Fast electronic deposit of funds, in as little as 24 hour
  • No consumer notification or receipt is required.
  • No check writer authorization requirement.

ACH is one of the most essential forms of payment processing for merchants. With their standard ACH check processing solution, EMB allows for merchants to utilize the phone/Internet within their payment options:

  • iCheck. Facilitates faster funding. Merchants will see funds from check sales immediately.
  • Checks-by-Phone. Merchants can pay $25 per month to use your recording service to get a voice authorization from clients, plus there are no signatures required for this option.
  • Checks-by-Web. Customers can complete their orders using a secure website. Your customer must click to agree to terms and conditions.
  • E-Signed PDF. Merchants can utilize services like Docusign or Echo Sign to collect signatures for the pdf electronically.
  • With signed PDFs, merchants send their customers a word doc or pdf to sign and return via fax or email. is the leading online lender that also provides check processing for collection agencies. Don’t miss out on this profitable payment processing method.