Why EMB is a Safe Haven for Nutraceutical Merchants

Mar 13, 2015

It is no secret anymore that the nutraceutical industry is thriving and that an increasing number of customers are queuing up to get a taste of what this industry has to offer. Given this information, one would think that getting into this industry and pocketing success isn’t much of a challenge, but this is anything but a complete picture.

The problems of this industry take form from the fact that this industry lacks federal regularization. It is loose, and it is unregulated. The repercussion of these characteristics is that most, if not all, banks would look at your business with doubt and consider it a high-risk. The potential of growth is thus ignored in favor of playing safe. This way, you are denied any chance of getting your hands on a merchant processing account.

You can lament all you want. You can go and argue, present your business plan, and try to talk them into giving you a chance. However, the truth is, the industry you are in is a deal-breaker for them and you need to resort to an alternative solution.

So if it is a solution you need, eMerchantBroker is the place to be. We, at eMerchantBroker, would gladly bring to you a nutraceutical merchant account crafted to suit your specific needs. We are not put-off by the industry you are in, and go to lengths to understand what you need in order to thrive in a burgeoning market.

We boast a portfolio of various different nutraceutical merchants that choose us to give their businesses extra wings, and they are all grateful to the decision they made. All you really have to do is fill up a simple application and we will bring to you a much-needed merchant account without any delay whatsoever.

While we do not boast a 100% acceptance rate, no rejection is ever based on the industry you are in. That much, we can promise. But at the same time, what we can also promise is that with us, you will not just get just another merchant processing account, but unparalleled services to accompany it.

Let us help you get a high risk merchant account today!

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