What to Watch for in Canadian Business in the Coming Months

Jun 11, 2015

There is much to look at in Canadian business the beginning of this month. The beginning of this year has seen many changes on the Canadian business scene. These changes range from oil prices to environmental organizations to job reports.

Those who have invested their earnings in the stock market anxiously awaited the reveal and outcome of the latest earnings reports and annual meetings that took place the beginning of May. Major companies like Sun Life Financial and Telus and Magna International were scheduled to reveal to shareholders how they fared in the first quarter of 2015.

Another aspect of Canadian business to keep up with is the current oil situation. Husky Energy Inc., has recently started its Sunrise Energy Project, a key component of Husky’s oil sands growth. The steam operations began in December 2014. The project will allow Sunrise to use the technology in-stu steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) which will considerably cut down on the disturbance inflicted on the surface of the land.

Pipelines transportation agreements have been organized by Husky in regards to this Sunrise project. Husky’s partner operates the jointly-owned BP-Husky Refinery that is located near Toledo, Ohio. This is the location where the bitumen will be processed for this project into the various transportation fuels. However, nations groups and environmental organizations have already begun speaking out against this proposed pipeline.

In addition, job report statistics were released during the beginning week of May. This report revealed a gain of 29,000 jobs in the month of April. This gain in jobs is the result of increases in part-time work. These statistics are a positive glimpse of the state of the economy after Canada experienced a difficult first three months this year.

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As the month continues, economists are waiting to see how the housing market performs. The other positive changes that have taken place so far appear to be promising for the Canadian businesses scene. There is definitely a lot to watch for in the coming months.

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