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What is High Risk ACH Processing?

Thanks to technology and new innovations, business is continuously evolving. This includes an increased movement toward an electronic, mobile infrastructure. ACH (Automated Clearing House) plays a huge role in this. What is ACH? ACH is a network the was established for financial transactions within the U.S. This network makes it possible for various banks to communicate efficiently regarding transactions associated with accounts held by those banks. ACH provides the ability to move funds to and from those accounts.

Compared to credit cards and traditional check acceptance, ACH transactions are far superior. The advantage of ACH processing is that it typically involves the lowest fees of any payment method (besides cash, of course). It’s also very convenient for both you and your customers. For the originator, the ACH transactions process provides flexibility with their customers once the product/service has been rendered.

With constant changes and improvements, businesses and customers are more and more concerned with the safety and efficiency of transactions. Because ACH entries are entered and transmitted electronically, transactions are faster, easier and safer. Paper invoices, paper checks and trips to the bank can be eliminated. Since it is a cloud based platform, ACH also allows for payments to be accepted from anywhere.

This network can serve a broad spectrum of industries, and is utilized for many different reasons. The most popular include direct deposit for payroll, online bill payments, transfers, subscription services, among many others. Businesses can also automate collection of payments from customers and eliminate delays. All in all, ACH processing helps businesses improve their cash flow.

The biggest advantage of ACH processing is that businesses can secure high risk ACH processing services. For businesses considered to be “high risk” by traditional processors, it can be difficult – if not impossible – for them to secure this service. With an alternative provider like EMB, however, business owners can obtain this service to add security to transactions and to grow their business.

If your business is a startup and/or in an industry categorized as “high risk”, don’t get discouraged. High risk ACH processing ensures your business gets the opportunity to take advantage of this transparent and affordable option. In addition, working with an alternative ACH merchant services processor like eMerchantBroker makes the setup up process fast, simple and hassle free.