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What is Chargeback Insurance, and Why Do I Need It?

Chargebacks are dreaded occurrences in every business, especially high-risk businesses. Too many chargebacks can leave you without a merchant account provider, and unable to accept plastic card payments. Chargebacks are often discussed, but many may wonder what a chargeback is, and why they are so damaging to a company.

Chargebacks occur when a charge is disputed. The customer will contact their bank or card provider, and make a fraudulent complaint. The complaint is investigated, and if it is found to be true, the money will be refunded to the customer. It sounds easy, however with the refunded money comes a chargeback fee, which is also charged to the merchant. Chargeback fees are often what damages the merchant, as these fees can be up to 270% more than the fraudulent charge. Chargeback insurance is an option; however, there are few chargeback insurance providers. EMB is one of the few chargeback insurance providers, and we should be your first stop.

EMB, or, specializes in high-risk merchant accounts, as well as chargeback insurance. We know that high-risk companies are at a greater risk of losing their merchant account if they suffer too many chargebacks. The beauty of using EMB is that if you are happy with your merchant account provider, you can stay with them. We provide chargeback insurance for those who do not have merchant accounts with us, which is a rarity. While our chargeback insurance cannot eliminate 100% of chargebacks, we can alert you to them, so that you, and we, can investigate to make sure that it is truly a fraudulent charge and not just a customer who changed their mind. Our chargeback insurance can also help lessen the burden of chargeback fees. While the fees will still exist, you will be notified of them ahead of time, and even better, they will be reduced.

Chargeback insurance is rare; however, it is something that every merchant should have. EMB is one chargeback insurance provider that is dedicated to helping you and your high-risk company overcome the burden of chargebacks and their dreaded fees.

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