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Wallaby Launches Google Glass Payment App

Wallaby has officially gone Through Google Glass by offering a new payment app for Google Glass. The new google payment app is a milestone as it is the first real-time financial app for the new, wearable mobile technology from Google.

Multiple Card Options

Pay With Wallaby offers support for customers with multiple credit card options. With an average of six cards per consumer, US shoppers can use Wallaby to easily identify which credit card would be the preferred payment option for a given purchase. This helps savvy shoppers maximize rewards, avoid fees, and balance their credit usage. Customers using the latest mobile device from Google will have no problem navigating the credit maze using the latest google payment app from Wallaby.

The app is designed to provide customers with pivotal information regarding the best credit payment options according to Wallaby’s algorithms and databases. Basically, a customer would be able to identify which card they should use to purchase a given item using Google Glass enabling real-time financial decision-making.