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Views on Dating Sites’ Bots | Adult Dating Merchant Account

The technology analyst firm Are You a Human states bots generate 59% of all online traffic. Satnam Narang, Symantec’s senior response manager, notes that bots count for the majority of matches.

Ashley Madison’s Case

Ashley Madison, a popular online dating service site, isn’t the only one that has fake profiles. This is according to the industry’s largest trade show, iDate’s organizer Marc Lesnick. However, Ashley Madison tried to streamline the process of creating bots. According to the internal documents leaked during the hack in 2015, the staff had used “abandoned profile” photos (of at least 2 years old) to create bots. Ashley Madison had created over 70.000 female bots by the time it was hacked. These bots had sent millions of fake messages to paying customers. Also, they had created 10.000 lines of profile captions and descriptions. They used these bots also for international markets. Ashley’s bots had contacted nearly 80% of paying customers on the site.

Are You Human’s CEO Ben Trenda says it’s rather challenging to find these automated personalities. Adult Friend Finder’s founder and owner Andrew Conru says the only means to fight fraud is to let people know they’re dealing with fraud. Merchants involved in the high-risk adult industry should choose a highly reliable payment processor like EMB to protect their business. With EMB, the #1 high-risk processor in the US, you can get a top secure and efficient adult dating merchant account for your business needs.

Scammers And Spammers – Bots On Adult Sites

Scams have to do with chat bots, and they are quite easy to create and modify. Bot software can freely be found online. Scripts have been generated for chatterbots by ALICE, the Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity, for decades. Bots on adult sites don’t necessarily have to be created exceptionally well to work. They only aim to make the dater need to chat more. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) first started its law enforcement action against adult sites bots in October 2014. JDI Dating Ltd, which owned 18 dating sites like and, was fined $616.000 for “attacking” site members with phony profiles.

Christopher Russell, a club owner, believes the government should make new rules for the industry to make all the dating sites understand the above-mentioned actions are fraudulent. In the future, online daters will probably pay no attention to who or what is on the other end. They don’t probably care about this even now. Many of them just want to get turned on through a convincing and customizable experience. Conru believes living a virtual life will be a normal part of our lives within 5 years. He says they’re putting into use the so-called “teledildonics” or adult machines aimed at stimulating the online experience.

FriendFinder Networks Inc.’s CEO Jon Buckheit says this issue is going to have both pros and cons. However, he thinks there exists a world where people want to make their adult fantasies as realistic as possible.