Two Firearm Bills the Government Should Consider Right Now

Nov 26, 2014

Gun bills are always big talk in Congress, and hardly ever are any actually signed into law. Congress focuses on the big, massive bills, while tending to ignore the smaller, more agreed-upon issues. While these issues may cause trouble among the anti-gun crowd, they can help ease tensions among the new Congress, and among firearm merchants.

First, they should consider “The Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013”, which allows for states to recognize each other’s concealed carry permits. It does not create a federal license, which some have called for, but it does help the states correlate with each other. A federal license would only enrage those who believe that the government is already overstepping its boundaries in terms of what its citizens can and cannot do. This way, each state still has the freedom to grant or deny a permit, and concealed carry owners can carry their firearms into another state without fear.

The second thing they should consider is fixing the “Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986”, or FOPA. FOPA has so many holes in it that it needs to be fixed in order to ease tensions and make the law clearer for the general public. The main problem with FOPA is that certain states (I’m talking about you, New York) have decided that their own laws trump federal law, and the federal government seems okay with it.

The gaps need to be filled in to either: 1) make it to where states can come up with their own firearm rules apart from the federal government, or 2) enforce the fact that the federal government trumps local and state governments.

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