Turn Potential Customers into Paying Customers with Free Trials

Oct 16, 2014
Client at shop paying at cash registerThe modern business is constantly searching for strategies to gain more customers and increase profits. Offering free trial promotions is an effective way to convert potential customers into paying customers. Free trials allow for consumers to use products or services for a limited time, and once the trial period is over consumers are then asked to discontinue use or to purchase the product or service. In this situation, businesses hope that the consumer will purchase the product or service, thus converting a potential customer into a paying customer. But is the free trial an effective sales generating tool? Many marketing organizations believe so.

Why Invest on Free Trials?

Free trials are a great way to introduce new products to the market to generate interest and eventually procure sales. In order to make free trials a part of your marketing plan, experts believe that companies should put aside 10 percent of their budget to fund trials. They must also secure a trial offer merchant account broker that specializes in high risk businesses. Payment processors that deal with high risk businesses are good allies because they will not penalize or overcharge your account due to the risky nature of free trial merchant accounts.

Before offering a free trial, it is crucial that businesses strengthen their online credibility, as many users will research your company before accepting even a free trial. Use social media and reviews to make potential customers feel safe in choosing your product to sample. When executing free trials, organizations must target the right market and treat them extremely well. The right person, is the consumer that believes your products are highly desirable or are a necessity for their lifestyle or career. Once you have this person, woo them as much as possible and they will do most of the advertising for you. Also ensure that you are honest about the benefits of your product. If consumers find out that your trial offer promised something it didn’t deliver, then they most likely will let others know.

Good communication and feedback are the final ways to turn free trial customers into paying customers. Consumers like knowing that they can talk to customer support at any time and they also enjoy providing feedback. Productive feedback will help organizations make adjustments where needed and make an even more provocative product which will acquire more people interested in your free trial offer. If your business is looking for a way to boost their sales, free trials is a valid and sometimes business saving strategy.

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