Tips for Contacting a Bails Bondsmen

Mar 04, 2015

“Nothing good ever happens after 2 A.M.” is the popular refrain from TV show How I Met Your Mother, but it’s pretty applicable to the finding a bail bondsmen. When a bonehead friend gets arrested you’re never given control of what time of the day this is going to happen. If it happens to be in the middle of the night, it might be tricky to contact a bail bondsmen to get them out of jail quickly. Jails are not all created equally either; some they may want to get out of as quickly as possible. So with that in mind, here are a couple easy ways to contact a bail bondsmen at odd hours.

The business of being a bail bondsmen usually mandates that the bail bondsmen be available at all hours. To be frank, if they’re not available 24/7 you may want to look elsewhere as they’re already have business practices deviating from the successful norm. The first step is to call their office. If there’s not someone answering the calls on the graveyard shift you can usually reliably bet on their being directions to an off-hours number to call. Remember, getting a hold of the bail bondsmen you want is worth the inconvenience of a second phone call rather than being in this unfortunate business with a bail bondsmen you’re unsure about.

If there is no way by phone to get a hold of them tap open your browser and check the internet. Bail bondsmen are taking full advantage of the power of the internet. Mobile apps and sites are ready to help potential clients get in contact with a bail bondsmen to post bail quickly. No matter how remote you are or how deep into the night it is, the internet should provide you with an answer for finding a bail bondsmen. Websites are becoming as powerful as the ubiquitous TV advertisement for bail bondsmen, even helping them open a bail bonds merchant account. It’s a safe bet you’ll find an online way to get in touch with a bail bondsmen.

If everyone were arrested at a convenient time of day it would be much easier to get in touch with bail bondsmen when you need them. Reality is though, it’s impossible to predict an arrest and posting bail still is a highly time dependent activity. If a phone call to the bail agency’s offices doesn’t work, check the internet: the internet and mobile world never sleep.

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