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Things Merchants Can Learn from Online Dating Sites

Online dating is one of the most successful ventures of the 21st century. Successful online dating websites have built a billion dollar industry based on connecting lonely hearts together using algorithms to search for common interests, attitudes, and beliefs. Graph databases are one of the driving forces behind this approach, as they specialize in identifying potential matches between multiple data points. As a result, search engines like Google are able to use data to build a connected dataset, resulting in much better search results.

Retailers can learn a lot from how the online dating industry uses data to connect individuals together. In their case, retailers can utilize similar strategies to match consumers with products. Until recently, only large organizations like Google could afford complex databases to make critical connections. But thanks to cheaper, off-the-shelf graph databases, almost any merchants can make the most out of the real-time data they provide.

Retailers like Walmart are using graph database technology to analyze customer purchases online and in-store. Amazon has mastered using recommendations to increase their bottom line. With a graph database, retailers can look at online transactions and do simple collaborative filtering-type recommendations. Graphs also allow for a quick analysis of online shopper behavior and their relationships with merchant products. This enables retailers to recommend products for each and every customer based on purchase history. This could drastically increase profits as customers purchase recommended products that they may not have without the recommendation. Organizing and matching current and even future products with customers is easy for graph databases, and leads to better customer service and happier customers.

The world of retail is changing. Merchants must utilize technologies like graph databases to offer customers more products that will enrich their shopping experience and encourage customer loyalty. This in turn improves conversion rates and adds money to the bottom line. is the number one payment processor for small and medium-sized merchants. We service a variety of business including online dating websites. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with diligence and professionalism. Start your online dating merchant account today.