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The Truth About E-Cigarettes

For those who aren’t overly clued-up on this relatively new breakthrough, electronic cigarettes, or ‘e-cigs’ as they are also known, were introduced to the US in 2012. They are battery-powered devices that were designed in order to simulate tobacco smoking, with some brands containing a mixture of nicotine and flavorings, and others simply releasing a vapor without the nicotine element. Since their introduction, many people throughout the US have opened e-cig merchant accounts and their own public vapor stores. Read below to find out the recent discoveries of e-cigs.

Anti-smoking advocates tend to argue that electronic cigarettes are all made exactly the same. However, it has recently been reported that this is in fact not the case. This is more than likely down to a lack of federal regulation on how e-cigs should be produced. Without it, manufacturers are solely responsible for providing reliable products, but often do not take proper measures or precautions when producing them. This becomes an issue when an e-cig user decides to modify a battery that has not been designed properly.

This is not to say that this applies to all manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, however. Some producers make sure that their products are made to the best possible standards, but it’s important to figure out which ones! Plus, with these brands, most people will never encounter half of the problems that the media has discussed. Anyway, it’s certainly important to follow these helpful tips below to ensure that your e-cig batteries will run smoothly at all times.

Firstly, don’t modify any of your electronic cigarettes. This is especially important when it comes to electrical components. It’s also vital to monitor your batteries whilst they are charging and unplug them once fully charged, and always keep the threads of your batteries clean. Ensure only to charge your e-cig in the car when it is absolutely necessary to do so. Finally, the most useful bit of advice is to make sure you are purchasing electronic cigarettes from a company with a good reputation. It is wise to do your research before you come to a decision.

Whoever you purchase your electronic cigarettes from, make sure it’s a reputable company that makes theirs properly. One thing’s for sure – you certainly do not want to encounter the same problems as those in the media spotlight!

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