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The Latest in Payment Technology for the Adult Entertainment Industry

Despite the fact that the adult sector is a very lucrative industry, merchants struggle to find payment processing solutions. Adult businesses are known for experiencing high chargeback and dispute rates. This high risk environment makes the majority of traditional processors refuse to offer their services. Alternative providers like EMB, on the other hand, specialize in providing merchant accounts to adult entertainment businesses; the high risk nature of the industry is not a problem.

If you can maintain a chargeback rate below 3%, obtaining merchant processing can actually be very simple and straightforward.

Adult Merchant Processing – What to Expect

eMerchantBroker offers a wide range of merchant services. And adult merchant account allows a business to safely process credit card transactions. Chargeback prevention and protection programs notify the business immediately when a chargeback occurs, providing the merchant with the chance to be proactive in the process. Merchants can also secure the working capital they need to grow and expand through business funding options. Other advantages of EMB’s services include: experienced staff, proven support, a variety of payment gateways and a speedy application process.

Billing Options

  • iCheck – Different than ACH, iCheck allows for immediate payments from check-based transactions. It means your business can support electronic check processing on a wide variety of checks. All check types can be accepted at Point of Sale, or when the consumer is not present. EMB provides merchants with free online activity monitoring, and funding is guaranteed. Other features include: billpay, email invoicing, pay now buttons and an iPhone app.
  • Credit card processing – EMB allows merchants to choose the processor that works best for their business. You have a wide variety of payment gateways to choose from. If you’re confused as to which option is the right one for you, experienced staff can help you find the option that best suits your business’ needs.

Adult Merchant Account

Safe credit card processing is a must, especially for a company labeled as “high risk”. Chargeback fees can be crippling for a business, considering they can count for 270% of your actual charge. An adult merchant account can help protect your company from such harm. If you’re looking for billing options for your adult entertainment business, EMB can help. The application process is fast, and you’ll hear back in as little as 48 hours – if not sooner.