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The Facts and Myths of High Risk Credit Card Processing Services

If you operate a high-risk business, you have more than likely been told by a bank or “traditional” merchant account processor that your business is not a good fit for them. You are not alone. The majority of banks and processors will not deal with high-risk companies. Many times this is not a case about a money loan; it is a simple case of a merchant in need of a processor. While it may seem that your business is out of luck, there are high-risk merchant account providers who specialize in high-risk credit card processing.

The vast majority of businesses accept plastic card payments. While it seems like a no-brainer to possess a payment terminal, the reality is that it can be tough to obtain a high-risk card processing service. High-risk merchants are labeled as such because they have a higher occurrence of fraudulent activity, as compared to other merchants. These merchants include gambling and penny auction websites, adult dating websites, and credit repair business websites. While it may seem that every company will turn you down, fear not., or EMB. We at EMB specialize in all things “high risk”, from high-risk businesses to high-risk business owners (i.e., bad credit). Our team of professionals each has years of experience in the electronic payments industry and has helped thousands of “hard to approve” merchants get a domestic merchant account. Our full suite of electronic payment processing solutions ensures we can help virtually any merchant accept credit cards and checks electronically. We offer lightning-fast approval, sometimes approving accounts in as little as 24 hours. The majority of high-risk merchants are also exempt from application and set-up fees. We also offer chargeback protection and insurance, which is essential for any high-risk business. Chargebacks can cost much more than the actual disputed fee, and the charges are charged onto the business. Our chargeback insurance can help lessen the charges, sometimes as much as 30%.

When you are in need of a high-risk credit card processor, look no further than We at EMB are dedicated to helping you and your high-risk business succeed, no matter what obstacles may lie ahead.

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