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The convenience of in store mobile payment options

As we grow and learn more and more about our technology, companies, and people, in general, have gotten their intelligence to bring us products that would astound our ancestors. Of course, they might burn us at the stake for being witches first and if we could get past their superstitions and lack of education, they might even adjust to having electric power. But as far as that one goes, we should never invent the time machine to dash through the space-time continuum, but rather we should stick with what we know.

We know

We know that smartphones and their counterparts are amazing pieces of technology. We also know that an amazing amount of people turn to their smartphones for their daily activities. From turning off the lights to starting the car when flying into the airport to warm it up; we leap enthusiastically into the modern ease and convenience of our technology. After all, each generation wants it to be easier for their kids. But is this what they meant?

Venmo Touch

What the heck is Venmo? Well, to make this simple, Venmo Touch is a one-touch system application that works with your mobile device. It eliminates the need for the customer or consumer to re-type the information time and time again. It reduces the work to make a purchase wirelessly or make reservations. Venmo Touch not only stores the information from the card but also stores new customer apps on the network.

To say that a customer needs somewhere to stay after purchasing an item online. That information is stored and the customer will not have to work twice as hard to pay for the hotel room, because the card information is ready for use. That makes it twice as easy and twice as quick to locate, pay, and arrive for the night.


Venmo is the brainchild of the company Braintree.  With this application in place, you should consider it for your high-risk merchant account and all the customers that will be paying through their smartphones. With rewards being given on cards for extra miles and cash back, the consumer is drawn to the use of the application of ease and the extras. It really is a win/win situation for both the seller and the buyer.

So be on the lookout

If you have a merchant account, you need to consider stretching your payment services to mobile devices. Millions of people worldwide use them hourly and thinking you will be alright without them, could handicap your growing business.

Growing and reaching out to your customers is the name of the game. Over 55% of purchasing is being done on one mobile device or another. Services are obviously getting easier and joining the bandwagon would probably be the best decision that you ever made. Find applications that you prefer and ones that will serve your customers the best. Good hunting and here’s hoping you find your way to great business opportunities.