The Business Sense Behind Life Coaches

Feb 05, 2015

 Life coaching may not be something the manager at the local McDonald’s is thinking about, but it’s certainly on the mind of executives on Wall Street. Life coaching has exploded beyond the realm of stay-at-home-parent types and has had a dramatic impact on big time businesses. eMerchantBroker has five of the main reasons why entrepreneurs operating life coaching merchant accounts are so sought after by industry leaders:

1) Coaching for ROI

Life coaches go beyond fixing relationships with estranged family members, they can pay businesses back six-fold for their services. That’s right, a good life coach is not only a perk, but a remarkable investment for a business. The Economic Times reported “coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program cost.” Other side effects? Improved scores in co-worker relationships, teamwork, and even job satisfaction.

2) Coaching is NOT just for the ‘Bad Apples’

The usage of life coaches is changing within the business world. Before, it was simply a demonstration of good faith effort in rehabilitation for problematic employees. Now, with the staggering numbers supporting life coaching, businesses are utilizing life coaches for all employees is common—guaranteeing activity for your life coaching merchant account.

3) Coaching is time efficient

Studies have shown that the ideal life coach meets with an employee between 2-4 times a month. These sessions can focus on numerous areas of the employee’s life and use multiple techniques. It’s a diverse field. Yet, each session takes only 20-45 minutes to maximize value. The impact one life coach can have is broad yet presented in an efficient way that’s good for your business.

4) Coaching quality is valued

Do you have a dynamite executive life coach? Odds are good that they’re about to become even more in-demand. Dynamic, and successful businesses have demonstrated that executive-level life coaches for problem solving, creative thinking, and goal setting benefit the average 9-5 worker too. The demand is growing for your quality services.

5) Coaching is spiritual mumbo-jumbo

Life coaching has tangible, proven results. Life coaches are not gurus or yoga masters; they are professionals. While traditional banks label the field as high risk due to a lack of regulation, big businesses are believers. This is not your average ‘alternative’ wellness program.

Businesses with life coaching merchant accounts are on the rise. Now is the time to explore this profitable field and open a merchant account with eMerchantBroker. Experts agree with what we know: life coaching is trending upwards—and with real, tangible reasons. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to act and succeed in this market.

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