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The Best Square Integration For eCommerce

As traditional cash registers begin to fade into obscurity, modern POS systems are taking retailers by storm due to their adaptability and offering a variety of technical capabilities. The benefits for choosing the right POS system should be twofold: it should make things simple for your customer and equally as straightforward for you to run your business.

One of the most popular POS systems on the market today is Square and for good reasons. Its software is so innovative that you can turn just about any of your devices into a POS system. You don’t have to purchase any additional hardware.

Its flexibility is unmatched, a popular solution for small businesses. Square also acts as a credit card processor, so you don’t require a third-party solution to process payments.

Square’s Integrations

Even though Square offers countless tools and customizable solutions, they cannot possibly cater to each and every customer’s needs. This is why Square has wisely partnered up with numerous tools and devices. Within its online payment network, it has an expansive lineup of integrations and add-ons. It provides solutions ranging from accounting resources and invoicing, POS systems, recurring billing, and so much more.

If you are a high risk merchant, you will be happy to know that there is one particular integration that will make your credit card processing task a breeze. I’m referring to the EMB payment gateway. EMB has been specializing in working with high risk merchants for many years. Some of the businesses they have worked with include: adult entertainment, gambling, nutraceuticals, e-cigarettes, tech support, and telecommunications, just to name a few.

Consumers seek quick solutions, allowing them to purchase goods and services in a safe and efficient way. That is why the check out area of a merchant’s site must be seamless and error free. Not providing this experience will mean a loss of sales.

A high-risk payment gateway offered by (EMB) ensures that the check out process is flawless.

All that is needed is to connect your Square account with the EMB Gateway, under Square Connect. If you are using Shopify you can simply choose EMB as your payment gateway. 

The EMB Gateway allows you to add on and oversee additional payment processors, all in one location. It features intelligent transaction routing which allows you to direct transactions to different payment processors or methods of payments, based on certain factors. Some of its advanced features include multi-currency conversion and 3D Secure fraud protection.

How Can I Apply For The EMB Payment Gateway?

To start, you must have a merchant account or another alternative payment solution that EMB has integration with. Don’t have a merchant account? No problem! You can open one up with EMB by filling out an easy online application. You will need to submit some important documents (i.e., ID or passport, proof of domain ownership, business utility bill, etc.). Most merchants are approved between 24 and 48 hours. 

EMB Gateway, A Great e-Commerce Integration Solution With Square

The EMB Gateway provides high risk merchants with some of the highest rates of approval for merchant accounts. There are no application, setup, or annual fees.  We also offer chargeback protection services that will grant you peace of mind.