The Best Software for your Help Desk Business

Mar 18, 2015

Help desk merchants are in high demand. Many are outsourcing their HR and customer service departments, and help desk merchants are where they look. While the business can be complicated, there is software available to help you keep everything under control.

One of the top-rated by help desk agents is Mojo Helpdesk. Mojo Helpdesk helps centralize the workload, assigns and tracks queries through the system. It is reported to be simple to use, and attracted, with some comparing it to Google.

Helpdesk Pilot is also popular, and it goes even farther in its methods to streamline you helpdesk service. Helpdesk Pilot’s management software combines email management, ticket management, issue tracking and reporting. It caters to both IT and customer service helpdesk needs.

M Help Desk Field Service Software (it’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) is mobile-friendly and offers mobile-friendly job tracking and invoice functionality.

You need to be realistic, and go with what will work best for your help desk company. A suite with all of the bells and whistles is nice, but if you do not need all of the included features, why pay for it? You also need to make sure to test out the capability of the software, in order to give a good estimate of when issues will be fixed. Telling a client that an issue will be resolved in 48 hours is unrealistic if it will actually take 72 hours. This can cause you to lose business.

Another recommendation is to survey your clients. While it may seem silly, it can actual give you valuable feedback in order to help you help them. Of course, you need to ask, “Was your issue resolved”, as well as other things, such as how well the communication and understanding of the issues at hand were received.

Finally, make sure to consult with your help desk merchant account provide for their opinion. While there are many other software programs that claim to be the “greatest” or the “next big thing”, one of the most genuine opinions you can receive will come from your help desk merchant account provider. If you do not have one, you need to contact EMB today to discuss your options.

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