The Best High Risk Merchant Account Rates

Mar 18, 2015

Every high-risk merchant account holder at one time or another has suffered from sky-high rates. If you have not, then you are either very lucky, or a new merchant. Processing rates tend to be outrageous for high-risk merchants for many reasons, from increased business failures to high fraudulent charge rates. While these processing fees may render you speechless, there are options out there that can offer you a secure, reliable, and legitimate high-risk merchant account, without the outrageous fees.

The best thing you can avoid if you are a high-risk merchant is approaching a traditional processor. While some do allow high-risk clients, they also charge those enormous fees. These fees can cripple a business if the business is not making money. These fees are further increased after your first fraudulent charge and chargeback. A chargeback, if you do not have chargeback insurance, can set you back 270% of the original charge.

What can be even scarier is finding out that your business is considered to be “high risk”, even if you have a zero fraudulent charges, a great credit score, and an A+ rating with the BBB. Most high risk companies are labeled as such because of the business itself. Some of these include online gambling websites, adult dating websites, penny auction websites, and electronic cigarette websites. The businesses are known for higher failures and are subject to higher fraudulent charge percentages. So, what can you do? Right now, you’re probably thinking that all hope is lost, and that your high risk company is doomed. This is false! You just need to know where to look to find a reliable, fee-friendly processor. You need to look no further than EMB.

With EMB, your high risk merchant account is safe. Not only do we provide a portal for you to process checks and plastic card payments, but also we supply you with industry-standard processing fees. Most high risk processors jack up processing rates, which can cause a great deal of harm to your business. We at EMB also provide up to date terminals, security, and software for ultimate protection.

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