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The Benefits of Providing an Integrated PCI-Compliant Payment Solution in Your Software


Many businesses in the USA are turning to software that includes integrated, PCI-compliant payment solutions. Why? Because it is simpler, easier, and involves much less hassle. Read below to find out why software with an integrated payment solution is highly likely to benefit your business.

It is common knowledge that merchants need payment processing solutions that meet what is required within the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). What is not common knowledge, however, is that providing “fully integrated” payment solutions can provide a variety of benefits that are not available in “multi-integrated” ones. With these, merchants are often stuck with lots of regular update requirements that take lots of time and maintenance. When ensuring that all components are up to date, the merchant is often, in turn, falling out of PCI compliance. Truthfully, the majority of businesses out there have to cope with this.

The best way to ensure that your business does not fall into the same trap is to purchase a fully integrated payment processing solution. With one of these, you will benefit by not having to duplicate data entry. Instead, the operator is able to type in the information once, and what’s done is done. Therefore, it is clear that one of the first benefits of a fully integrated payment processing solution is that merchants are likely to save lots of valuable time, energy, and money, all whilst meeting what is needed in the PCI Data Security Standard.

Not only this, but issues with security and maintenance become highly simplified when just one company is responsible for each and every aspect of your payment processing solution. Getting in contact with just one company and becoming familiar with how they operate is arguably much better than having to contact various people from different companies, some of which who may be unreliable.

Overall, it is no wonder why so many top companies are turning to fully integrated payment processing solutions. They’re fast, easy, simple, and hassle-free, and all follow what is stated in the PCI DSS. What have you got to lose?