What You Don’t Know May Be Hurting You | What is a chargeback? A Detailed Explanation

If you have already got yourself an e-merchant account that allows you to accept credit cards for payments, then that’s a big step forward. With your new account, you can safely and conveniently go about online transactions in a cost-effective and professional manner. But there is probably one more thing to consider – reducing your

What is a chargeback? – The Thing You May Not Know, That You Actually Need

If you have a merchant account, whether high risk or conventional, one operating feature that puts fear in everyone is the chargeback. Credit card processors can base your success or failure on your chargeback ratio. Too many means they cannot count on your company’s revenue because they are never sure who will accept the billing

How a Chargeback Can Put Your Company Back at Square One

Everyone has heard of a fraudulent charge, and many have experienced one, two, or even more. Fraudulent charges are considered a normalcy in the high risk business realm. However, perhaps the biggest downside of the fraudulent charge is what happens next: The chargeback. Many, even some who have experienced a chargeback, are not sure what