Merchants fight to Take Hold of Card Security Measures

As the federal government considers new laws and regulations following the recent Target data breach, it’s important to consider who will unintentionally suffer. With any new laws or regulations, at times the good will have to suffer with the bad. This could be substantial, as nearly 70% of payments and purchases made in the United

POS Makers Prep for 2015 Card Changes

With as many as 5 million mobile point-of-sale readers in circulation in the United States, mobile POS companies will have their hands full following the liability shift set for October 2015 when the nation’s payment card networks step up the migration to the MasterCard-Visa chip and pin system. While this change is fantastic for security

There is a Possible EMV Delay Due to Uncertainties

  It is possible that there could be a delay transferring debit cards from PIN to EMV due to discussion and uncertainty in the United States government. The problem is that as of yet, no standard model has developed for processing EMV payments. This has aggravated both business owners anc consumers, especially after the Target

EMV Migration Pushing Merchants to Mobile Payments

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. Through their combined efforts comes a payment system we will now know as EMV. It is a joint effort between those three companies to assist in the interoperational chip based industry for card processing. Some retailers are not quite sure about the system and have not changed over