Your Identity Has Been Hacked, Now What?

The battle between identity thieves, merchants, and consumers is heating up. In a time where online shopping is growing, merchants who offer online services must find new and innovative ways to protect consumer information. Despite best efforts, merchants can be hacked and the personal information of their customers can be jeopardized. While there is no

Digital Payments Prone to Friendly Fraud, Research Shows

Apparently, switching to digital payment could bring even more trouble. If you’ve been thinking about shifting to digital payment platforms hoping that you would avoid fraud, you may be in for a rude shock. The most popular kind of fraud in the digital world is called “friendly fraud.” You would wonder why someone had to

What EMV Means for Chargeback Protection Providers

Credit card fraud continues to be a massive problem in the U.S. In 2014 alone, credit card fraud cost retailers approximately $32 billion. How is it possible for retailers to be robbed of so much? From Target to Home Depot, all of these fraud situations stem from the relatively weak security of debit and credit