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Steps to Integrate a PayPal Payment Gateway into Android

The world is going mobile. People all over the world are increasingly adopting mobile payments in many different ways. Android app for your business can serve as a perfect strategic decision to succeed in the online payment market. How can you integrate payment gateway into Android? Read this article and you’ll get to know how to execute this.

Making More Mobile Payments

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have spread all over the world. This has resulted in an immense growth of mobile commerce or mCommerce. The global mobile payment revenue represents hundreds of billions of US dollars. This number will further grow.

Today, you have a myriad of opportunities to shop on your mobile device or specially developed mobile apps. Online market leaders eBay and Amazon have developed mobile shopping apps and sites for this purpose. Online or internet companies like PayPal make it possible to transfer money online and pay for products and services purchased.

As you know, PayPal allows transfering payments and money through the internet. Today, PayPal is one of the largest internet payment companies in the world and is, probably, the most famous one.

PayPal Payment Gateway Integration in Android

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When it comes to PayPal, the company provides its Android SDK. It can help you incorporate in-app payment mechanism for any service user or any purchase. Using the Android SDK, you can easily add PayPal or Credit Card payments to mobile apps. It credits the payments directly to the registered account on PayPal.

Thanks to the native libraries of the PayPal Mobile SDKs, you can build fast, responsive apps both for the Single Payments and Future Payments. What’s a Single Payment? What about a Future Payment?

Single Payment it the process of executing only one payment at a time. Single Payments enable you to receive immediate payment from a customer’s PayPal account or payment card (scanned with To process Single Payments, your app can accept PayPal and credit-card payments.

Future Payments allow you to collect payments from a customer’s PayPal account at a future time.

Executing Single Payment in Android

Single Payment can easily be executed in Android through PayPal’s SDK’s. How can you do this?

  1. Download the SDK from GitHub.
  2. Get your credentials for identifying your PayPal account as the payment receiver. Specifically, get a client ID and secret.

Once you’ve downloaded it and installed, to execute Single Payment, the PayPal SDK will help the native app through the provision of:

  • UI for gathering payment information from users
  • Payment coordination with PayPal
  • Payment proof to your app

Through your code, you’ll:

  • Get payment poof from the PayPal SDK
  • Send payment proof to your servers in order to verify
  • Deliver goods/services to users

How to Integrate PayPal Payment Gateway into Android

  1. Include permissions into your AndroidManifest.xml file
  2. Authorize SDK service and activities in your AndroidManifest.xml file
  3. Create a PayPalConfiguration object
  4. Once your activity is created, start PayPalService and stop it in case of destruction
  5. Create the payment and launch the payment intent (e.g., when a button is pressed)
  6. Perform onActivityResult()
  7. Send the payment proof to your servers for verification. This also refers to all other processing required for your business, such as fulfillment. Then, the payment will be completed, and the user will be charged. In case you have difficulty reaching your server, save the payment proof and make a new attempt.

Mobile payments are surging in popularity all over the world. It’s important to start accepting mobile payments for your business. Go through the above-mentioned steps to easily integrate PayPal payment gateways into Android.