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Sex Sells in the Digital Age

The prominence of sex toys and paraphernalia in the media is one reason that adult merchants believe has contributed to the boost in sales in the last 5 years. Popular sex toys like vibrators, lubrication, harnesses have moved sales from 65% in 2008 to 80% in 2013. Online sex shops are enjoying this increase in desire, and believe that the internet will make shopping for these items so simple, and exact that brick and mortar shops will be irrelevant. Now is the time for investors looking for a thriving business to add to their portfolio to check out the online adult industry.

As the internet becomes more and more prevalent in the lives of consumers, and as consumers become more comfortable with online shopping, the reasons for online adult merchants to be optimistic about the future increase.

Convenience. The number one reason consumers prefer shopping online is convenience. Now individuals have access to their favorite adult items 24 hours a day. Store hours are irrelevant and shopping can be completed at their own pace with no pushy salespeople or nosey patrons.

Better Prices. There is often a price difference between in-store and online merchandise. Generally sales are better and occur more frequently online. Sometimes consumers can get discount coupons and rebates more readily online than in-store as retailers realize the cost of manufacturing and distributing coupons online is significantly cheaper than in-store.

Comparison Shopping. Consumers can shop around for the best deals online easier than in person. For example, if a person is looking for a pair of fuzzy handcuffs for a reasonable price they can compare adult shop 1 prices to adult shop 2 prices within the comfort of their homes. Previously, they would have had to visit both stores spending time and resources to do so.

Discreetness. Of course, online adult merchants are seeing their sales increase because individuals who would not enter an adult shop in person, are more comfortable shopping from their home. This allows for consumers to really make sound purchases, increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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