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Save Your Merchant Account from Destructive Chargebacks

Do you know how much profit your business is losing because of chargebacks? Most companies are unaware of the great threat that chargebacks pose to the bottom line. Your merchant account deserves protection against illegitimate chargebacks. That’s why eMerchantbroker has provided another service, the Chargeback Suite, to protect your assets as a chargeback insurance provider.

What is a Chargeback?

Chargebacks occur when customers file disputes with banks over credit card or debit card transactions. This eats into merchant profits because more than 58% of the time, the merchant is not notified of the chargeback, or is notified too late. Merchants can lose up to 270% of their money on chargebacks, or $270 in fees per every $100 chargeback. This means that customers and banks are costing your business hundreds to thousands of dollars a year without your knowledge.

Our CDRN Partnership

eMerchantBroker has partnered with Verifi and its Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) along with Ethoca, an alert system, to puts our merchants in the driver’s seat of credit transaction disputes. No longer will your business be surprised by costly chargebacks. Our team of chargeback insurance providers will help you take control of your bottom line.

How it Works

Once a customer notifies the bank of a dispute and the card issuer verifies that the dispute involves one of our merchants, the CDRN informs you of the dispute immediately. Then you have the power to decide to refund or decline the dispute. Upon your decision, the CDRN will notify the card issuer, bringing the dispute to an end in a timely and satisfactory manner.

The eMerchantBroker Chargeback Suite

eMerchantBroker has once again proven that it is way ahead of the game when it comes to merchant services and merchant account protection. Our relationships with both banks and card issuers, has created a fast and effective merchant solution to chargebacks. The CDRN reduces the occurrence of chargebacks by 15-30% per year, this means more money on your bottom line. The Chargeback Suite puts your business back into the dispute conversation and gives you a chance to protect your assets from undisclosed chargebacks.