Retail Merchant Account without a Checking Account

If you need a merchant account, but don’t have a checking account, we can help! has helped hundreds of business owners that need a merchant account, but do not have a checking account. As long as your business is a retail location, or you have the opportunity to “swipe” your customer’s card, then you can get a merchant account.

Where is the money from transactions deposited?

With a special merchant account from your swiped transactions can be deposited onto a pre-paid debit card such as GreenDot, Only1 Visa, H&R Block Visa, and other debit cards that accept ACH deposits. You can now accept credit cards at your business without a checking account.

Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, TMF Merchant?

Sometimes previous credit situations or previous merchant account problems can prevent business owners from getting a merchant account. With our special merchant account solution, retail business owners can accept credit cards regardless of credit, tax lien, bankruptcy and even TMF Merchants.

How much does it cost?

The other advantage to our specialized merchant account is that there are no processing fees. The customer must accept a convenience fee at the time of sale, which pays for all fees. You only pay a monthly statement fee, and a monthly equipment fee. There are no other fees.

So for a flat fee of $42 per month you get a new credit card terminal, and monthly service. There is no contract and no cancellation fee so you can rest assured that we’ll earn your business each and every month.

To get started with merchant account without a checking account, or for a TMF merchant account, click on the icon below:

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