Redefining the Adult Merchant Industry

Jun 22, 2015

The adult industry has been controversial for some time. Marital aids, sex toys and pleasure products are “hush-hush” topics. Any businesses that sell such products have been “exiled”. Communities push these establishments to grimy industrial areas or trucks stops, anywhere where “decent” people couldn’t possibly stumble across them.

Another misconception by many is that the adult industry is focused on porn, and that there is no wholesome aspect to the industry. The franchise Adam & Eve has moved to change this perception of the adult industry. This company has shown that a classy atmosphere can be created for women and couples while also promoting sexual health.

Adam & Eve is slowly changing the way the community views an adult store. The first 80 percent of the store is set up much like a Victoria Secret. Lingerie and products popular for bachelorette parties are stocked at the front. Other “naughtier” products are kept behind partitions in the back.

This set up has made women and couples feel much more comfortable to come in and browse. It has also made it possible for the company to open their stores in specialty retail locations in strip malls and other shopping areas; a big change from the grimy industrial areas and truck stops where other adult stores are.

Even with these positive changes, it has been a struggle for Adam & Eve to gain acceptance and build stores. It has been a fight, city by city. As of now, Adam & Eve has successfully opened 53 units in 24 states. The biggest obstacle has been proving to landlords and legislators that the No. 1 name in adult merchandise is not a porn store. When the first store’s doors open in a new area and the public and the chamber of commerce sees it, it becomes easier and easier for more stores to open.

In many cases, members of chamber of commerce arrive at the opening event to “prove that they were right”. However, they quickly discover that the store is not only tastefully done, but that they would also enjoy shopping there. Even so, zoning regulations and landlord approval remain the biggest obstacles for Adam & Eve.

Their determination and success serve as a testament to other entrepreneurs who wish to get involved in the adult industry. While considering how to gain approval from landlords and legislation, it would also be wise to consider sources of funding and payment processing; this has and continues to prove to be a big obstacle.

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